Can Dogs Eat French Toast or Eggy Bread?



Can Dogs Eat French Toast or eggy bread

The answer to whether dogs can eat French toast or eggy bread is a controversial one that many have argued about. Many from their experiences have stated their opinions on whether it is okay to give dog pets amazing French toast. While some believe it is okay, maybe because their dogs do not react to it. In contrast, others say “No” and basically due to health reasons. Truthfully, French toast is a delectable breakfast treat you would find in almost every house, and perhaps while you crunch on some, your dog may come to ask for its share. Even if you will give it its share, there is a caveat you must pay attention to for your dog’s health.

So, can dogs have French toast?

The question is, is toast good for dogs? The answer is “Yes” and “No.”

We think dogs can enjoy french toast. If you can concoct French toast purposely made for your dog and not given to the dog often, and can have French toast. French toast should be something a dog can snack on once in a while.

No, because a standard French toast that is healthy for humans is not for dogs. It is because French toast contains specific ingredients that are toxic to dogs. Ingredients include flour, artificial sweeteners, sugars, gluten, and syrup. It is because the digestive system of dogs cannot digest such ingredients. So, treating your dog pets with that delicious French toast might be wrong and have severe effects on the health of your dog.

To guarantee the safety of your lovely dog, ensure you use a specified natural recipe to prepare the French toast so that it does not contain any harmful or toxic substances for dogs. The recipe you intend to follow does not contain artificial sweeteners, sugars, or maple syrup. It is because when French toast contains these ingredients, they can be toxic to your dogs, no matter how little the quantity.

Suffice to say that your dog could have French toast. But it won’t be any benefit since the dogs get no beneficial nutrient from French toast, and in the long run, it may be harmful to your dog’s health after sometimes an immediate and short discomfort.

Observe to know if toast is okay for your dog.

One of the ways to know if it is okay for dogs to eat french toast is for you to carefully observe your dog’s reaction whenever they eat French toast. Most dogs are sensitive to flour, eggs and they have lactose intolerance. Some dogs might eat french toast and do not react, while some may do and have digestive tract issues. Sometimes to the extent you see a veterinary doctor.

As I have mentioned earlier, if you make your dogs have toast, prepare it especially for them without any harmful ingredients. Their owners should also give it to them in moderation. French toast can be a treat for a special occasion such as their birthday or Christmas or a small snack once a month. If you feed your lovely dog French toast frequently, for instance, more than three times per week, it will cause your dog long-term health problems such as excessive bloating, flatulence, and in some cases, kidney failure.

Peradventure, you visit your veterinarian to check if your dog is not in good shape after taking French toast; ask them for advice on how to treat your dog with a delicious French toast that won’t be harmful to your dog.

Is Nutmeg safe for dogs?

Nutmeg is one preferred spice you can find in different houses for baking seasonal cookies and cakes. It is rich, has a nutty fragrance that adds sweetness to cakes and cookies. Nutmeg may be one of the ingredients used to prepare French toast. Nutmeg in French toast might attract dogs to it. But Nutmeg should be a No to dogs as it is harmful to them also. Therefore, it is not safe for dogs, just like chocolate, table salt, onion powder, etc.

Giving your dog French toast that has NutmegNutmeg can cause seizures and may even lead to death. An unknown compound in grapes can cause kidney complications in dogs.

What amount of French is okay for dogs?

Because French toast may be harmful to your pet dogs, we must know the amount of French toast your dogs can have if you will give them so that you know your limit. The more your dogs have French toast; they contribute to a combined amount of calories and fat, which is terrible for the dog. But preparing 100 grams of French toast or eggy bread may contain, let’s say, around 11 grams of total fat. It is close to the daily recommended allowance for adult dogs weighing 33 pounds. And giving them in moderation is essential so that French toast doesn’t become like a fast food your dog has all the time.

If you are thinking of nutritious and healthy snacks your lovely pet can have and enjoy, there are more than enough in the market. We have snacks like bananas and peanut butter, cooked squash, watermelons, strawberries, cooked sweet potatoes, green beans, green Peas, etc. French toast should not be an everyday snack, and it should be given to your dog sparingly and in small quantities.

Credit: Photo by Dorrell Tibbs on Unsplash.


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