Can Dogs Eat Black Rice?

Can Dogs Eat Black Rice

Needless to say, black rice makes quite a tasty lunch recipe for us. But, what about our canine companions? We’ve seen several human foods posing danger to dogs. These are foods such as onion, macadamia, avocado, etc. So, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering about whether or not can dogs eat black rice, read to the end. In this guide, we will cover several topics related to dogs and black rice. This is to give a clearer overview of whether black rice is okay for dogs or otherwise. What is black…

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Can Dogs Eat Falafel?

Can Dogs Eat Falafel

Dogs have become a beautiful part of our lives as loyal companions. It stands true during the current COVID pandemic, especially where social distancing keeps humans mostly apart. Now, the responsibility for their health and well-being lies with us. It can get confusing in the food selection process as to what should be given or not to our pet dogs. For instance, can dogs eat falafel? Is hummus terrible for them? Or are chickpeas okay for dogs etc.? Let’s shed some light on the use of falafel by a dog…

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