Why Does My Dog Lick My Legs?

Maxine s. Craig

Maxine s. Craig

why does my dog lick my legs

It came into notice that sometimes my dog licks my legs so much. There are many causes for this behavior. It is the method by which dogs may communicate. The primary reason behind this attitude is the expression of love. Moreover when dogs want to embrace something they usually show a sign of thankfulness.

Obedience towards their masters is another reason why do dogs lick their legs. The dogs follow the authoritative hierarchy strictly. Therefore as a sign of respect, they usually lick their legs. Because of our salty sweat dogs love to lick our skin due to its taste. The dog keeps licking our legs as their expression of anxiety. They also need to attract the attention of their caretakers. In the article below we will describe some of the notable reasons that what does it mean when a dog licks your legs.

The habit of Dogs licking our legs

Below we will describe some of the notable reasons that what does it mean when a dog licks your legs.

The dog needs to be rewarded

Dog licking my leg is a sign that he understood that I will reward him. It is a form of care seizing from the dog. He knows that I will provide him toys and treats so my dog keeps licking my legs whenever he needs the incentive. More often this behavior is noticed by me when my dog accomplishes the tasks assigned to him.

Looking for some attention

If we have ignored our pet dog for a while he likely develops a feeling of exile. To restore the relationship of love and have more attention, our dog licks the legs constantly. This behavior is more commonly seen when dogs have spent a huge time with their favorite human. Why does our dog constantly lick our legs and feet? , to achieve the best possible attention from our side. The excessive licking suddenly stops when we start to play with them.

It is in their nature

When dogs are at an early age, they usually start exploring the world by sniffing and licking. Why does my dog like to lick my legs at a younger age, simply he wants to explore things. This habit will become a constant activity of daily routine even when the dog gets older.

Dog licking my leg due to grooming

The mother dog usually licks her grooming pups. This makes a sense of love between mother and child. This could be a reason that why my dog licks my legs so much. It is an inborn practice.

Excitement can be a reason

When my dog is excited it starts licking its legs. The situations are variable. This action is mostly seen when I am leaving for a walk or coming from my work. As a countermeasure, I usually stop doing the things that make him excited so that he stops licking my legs.

Legs are taste for my dog

Salty taste is liked by dogs. This is the very reason that why do dogs lick sweat. This is further proven when my dog usually licks other things such as my bed and pillow.

Releases Endorphins 

A good feeling hormone ‘endorphins’ is released from the dog’s brain when he licks. It is one of the reasons that why dogs lick people’s legs. It is a matter of pleasure and comfort for the dog. In humans, the same stature hormone is released when an excessive workout is done.

Gesture of submission

The nature of dogs is based on following the commands. When in wild woods the dogs usually obey the dominant one as he is in charge. Here in the case of domestic dogs we the humans are their masters. So they offer their submission to us. My dog licks my legs a lot as a gesture of submission to my authority. The other notable action is the dog’s tail which is lowered when he is in obeying position.

What can we do for this usual behavior of dogs licking our legs?

This activity is certainly not liked by many people. So below are some of the measures that can be adapted for your dog to stop licking your legs.

Discourage your dog

Do not reward your dog when he starts licking your legs. As mentioned above he is usually looking for some treats or toys when he starts licking. I have trained my dog not to notice him when he licks my legs. I usually gift him treats when he stops licking my legs. This helped me a lot and I can change his habit to a maximum level.

Properly train your dog

The other important aspect is the proper training that we should put forth in our pet dog. This comes under a positive attitude that should be learned by our dog.

  • We should stand and leave the room when dogs start to lick our legs.
  • If he repeats his action then we should also leave once more.
  • The above should be repeated until he learns not to lick.
  • We must appreciate the dog with a treat when he follows our course of action.

A mandatory exercise

An appreciable amount of daily exercise should be given to our dogs. This is decided according to their age and breed. If our dog is having some morning exercises then it is better to add some more training schedules for him.

Giving him some alternatives

It is also a wise idea to provide them with bone-shaped toys. In this way, we will eliminate their licking habit of arms and legs as they will lick the toys.

Change of behavior

An experienced trainer can be approached to train the dog not to lick the legs. He will implement this by using some positive reinforcement techniques. By the time this will help your dog to stop licking your legs.

Why do dogs lick your legs after a shower?

Why do dogs lick your legs after a shower, this is tracked for many reasons. The smell of lotion or body spray is attracted by our dog so he starts licking. The droplets from your body are loved by the dogs so they start to lick them.

Why do dogs lick your leg in the morning?

The dogs have an excellent memory. They visualize and store your morning routines. They know that you will leave the home when getting ready. So it is understandable that they feel anxious due to separation.

Why does my dog like to lick my legs after drinking water?

It is noticed that the dog with the dry mouth and tongue avoids licking me. So after drinking needful water he usually licks my legs as a sign of being cared for.

If a dog licks my legs should I take it as a serious matter?

Everything looks good when done in balance. It is perfectly all right when the dog licks occasionally. However, when the daily routines and activities started to get disturbed it may become a concern. So the normal pattern should not be discouraged.

Why does my dog constantly lick my legs?

The compulsory licking behavior if noticed in the dog indicates serious disease. The problem can be physical, physiological, or both. The dog digestion may get affected by germs of our feet. A visit to a trained vet is recommended alongside some measures to stop the dog from licking the legs and feet.


In this section, we will describe some basic and important questions briefly about the habit of dogs licking our legs. These questions are in the minds of most dog handlers and dog parents.

Dog licking my legs. Is it a normal activity?

The answer is yes. The nature and grooming style of dogs makes them inherit this habit so it is perfectly normal. Moreover, the dogs also comfort themselves from this action. Why do dogs lick your feet? Because they want to show their love and gratefulness for their masters. Or simply sometimes they just want to seek your attention to have a little fun and playful time.

Should we encourage the dogs to lick our legs?

It depends on the comfort of every person. If you feel amazed by this licking activity then you should encourage your pet dog. On the contrary, you may contact some professional trainer to do some positive attitude training for your dog so that he stops licking legs and feet. It is advisable to wash the feet and legs completely before and after the activity. This will help in curtailing the chances of spreading any disease to both pets and humans.

When we should take it seriously?

Normally this activity is not harmful and concerning at all. But when it becomes a constant routine and disturbs the other matters of daily schedule then you should contact some vet as it might be an indication of serious disease.

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