Can Dogs Eat Pomelo?

Can Dogs Eat Pomelo

Pomelo is a fruit from the citrus family that looks like a grapefruit.  Native to Southeast Asia, it represents the largest citrus fruit on earth. These fruits can be as massive as watermelons, while most are close in size to grapefruits.

It’s a highly nutritious fruit, containing a variety of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is also rich in antioxidants that help reverse cell damage caused by free radicals.  Not a lot of people have heard about pomelo, which is why most people ask whether dogs can eat pomelo. Here, we’re going to discover whether it’s safe to feed dogs with pomelo.

Can dogs eat pomelo?

Yes, can dogs eat pomelo?. But as with any other fruit, a dog owner should feed his dog with moderation as it is also rich in sugar. Excessive sugar consumption can result in obesity, diabetes, diarrhea, stomach discomfort, and periodontal disease in dogs.

Also, the acidity of Pomelo, though not as high as lemon or grapefruit, can still cause discomfort in most dogs. Your dogs can be fed safely with the flesh, but the seeds and leaves are unsafe for your dog.

Are Pomelo and Grapefruit the Same?

Most people wonder whether pomelo and grapefruit are the same, pomelo and grapefruit are both of citrus origin, although they both look the same at first appearance, they are different from each other. Pomelo is larger than grapefruit (as stated earlier, the largest among all citrus fruits), the skin of it has blemishes, varying in color from yellowish-green to pale yellow to orange, pomelo has oil cells that are visible as tiny green spots, the shape of Pomelo is more like a teardrop while the Grapefruit is a cross of wild orange.  Pomelo possesses a smooth skin that comes in shades from bright to reddish-yellow while the shape of Grapefruit is round.

The general taste of pomelos is like grapefruit, but there are various kinds of wild pomelos and cultivated pomelos, with distinctive sweetness and bitterness.

Benefits of pomelo

Aside from pomelo helping to get rid of bacteria and fungi, pomelo has lots of health and nutritional benefits for dogs. Below are the top advantages of pomelos, which make it ideal to feed your dogs with them.

1. Rich in Protein

Pomelo is surprisingly rich in nutrients like protein, it maintains the body muscles of a dog, thereby giving a dog healthy muscle. As you know, protein is also crucial for dogs because it is an essential source of energy, repairs cells and also promotes growth. Giving pomelo to dogs is a nice boost for a dog’s nutritious treat.

2. High in Fiber

Pomelo is a great resource for a dog’s digestive tract. Feeding pomelo to constipated dogs can help lessen their symptoms. Dog owners must give their pooches pomelo even if they are not constipated because it can keep their dog’s digestive system healthy all the time.

3. Has Vitamin C

This fruit also has a lot of nutrients like vitamin C. Vitamin C keeps your dog’s immune system healthy, which can help fight off infections, vitamin C also reduces mental aging in dogs.

4. Improvement in cholesterol

Pomelo extract has also been shown in animal experiments to improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Pomelo consumption has also been shown to lower blood sugar levels in studies.

5. Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

The protein and fiber in pomelo help dogs feel full for a longer time. That reduces cravings and ultimately means dogs take in fewer calories. Pomelo also contains relatively few calories per serving. Pomelo, for example, allows dogs to consume more food while consuming fewer calories.

How to Feed Dogs with Pomelo?

You can include pomelo in the diet of your dogs without the fear of hurting them, however giving pomelo directly to dogs without taking some precautions might be harmful due to the seeds and rinds, in order not to introduce any toxins to dogs. Here are some steps to follow when feeding your dogs with pomelo.

  • First of all, remove the thick rind because it is not healthy for dogs to eat it. Peel it away so they will not be able to eat it, then cut out some portion of the fruit’s flesh.
  • Ensure that you check the section carefully for seeds. If you find any, throw them away, never feed the seeds to dogs.
  • Give the pomelo flesh to your dog in small quantities and healthy intervals. Remember, moderation is the key.

Can dogs be allergic to pomelo?

Dogs can develop an allergy to anything. So, your dog can be allergic to pomelo, but it is not a common allergy. If your dog does not have any bad effects after 24 hours after eating a little piece of pomelo flesh, they are most likely not allergic.

How Many Pomelos Should a Dog eat?

It is important to know how many pomelos your dog should eat, again, do not overdo it. Like many other fruits, pomelo has a sizable quantity of sugar in it. It is also acidic. Feeding your dog too much of it can result in digestive complications. One pomelo is more than enough to share. Your dog’s cravings for more should not tempt you to feed him more than the adequate proportion. Pomelos, as previously indicated, may be toxic in large quantities, and overfeeding your dog will almost certainly end in poor health.

Subsequently, a few bites a couple of times a week is appropriate for dogs.

Final Take

Pomelo is generally a healthy fruit that we can give dogs on any occasion. We can give our dogs citrus fruit like pomelo now and then, but they can only have a few bites of the flesh, free of pomelo seeds, skin, and leaves. Pomelos are fruits recommended and safe for dogs in small quantities, having potential health benefits. What are you waiting for? Walk up to the store or market, buy some pomelos for your dogs, enjoy sharing this delicious citrus fruit with your dogs today!

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