Why Do Dogs Eat Crayons?

The curiosity about eating crayons could stem from the toy-like appearance and the interesting smell of the crayons. Teething dogs chew to ease aching gums. However, nobody knows the exact reason “Why dogs eat crayons?”.

Dogs have a knack for exploring the world with their nose and tongue. When they find something unique or interesting, they more often have a taste of it.

In some cases, this could be because of Pica, a behavioral disorder in dogs. crayon-eating behavior may stem from boredom, stress, or frustration. The causes of pica aren’t fully known. However, nutritional, behavioral, and physical are the main causes for this condition.

Young puppies who are teething may chew on crayons for a while to help soothe their aching gums. Sometimes, your pup may not swallow the crayons, they may just chew on them for a while before they move on to the next thing.

To avoid all these, make sure to get your pup-appropriate puppy teething toys to chomp.

Kids at your home may leave a piece of crayon or two on the floor, bed or couch cushion. Similarly, they may leave an entire box open on the floor.

The ever-curious canines have the chance of eating these crayons. Especially, if the dogs find the taste and the scent of the crayons interesting they may eat a few crayons.

Your dog ate crayons? What should I do?

Normally there is nothing to worry about even if your dogs eat crayons. Since, commercially-available crayons, including the ones that are made by Crayola, are non-toxic. The U.S. government actually mandates this and is formulated to be safe.

The reason for concern would be choking or obstruction. As would be the case, if a large piece of crayon became lodged in your dog’s throat or digestive tract.

Are crayons safe for dogs?

Fortunately, eating crayons does not make your dog sick. Since crayons sold in the US are mostly non-toxic and made of safe and simple ingredients. The U.S. government actually mandates this, therefore the way crayons are made is formulated to be safe. Therefore, if your dogs eat few crayons, it is okay! However, there are few other risks, therefore it’s always a good idea to keep the crayons out of reach to your pooch.

What Are The Ingredients Used to Make Crayons?

The ingredients contained in Crayons are paraffin wax and color pigment. Mostly the ingredients are similar for various brands of Crayons. However, some modifications are made to make special effects crayons.

Exactly knowing every single ingredient used in this kind of art supplies are difficult. Since the manufacturers of the crayons are not required to disclose them. However, crayons are formulated to be safe for kids to eat.

These ingredients should not harm your dog’s digestive system, Even though a large amount may cause intestinal discomfort and loose stool.

Health effects caused by eating crayons

Eating crayons may cause choking issues. Especially, if your dogs eat large amounts of crayons. They may make your dog choke or cause an intestinal blockage, but even these issues are not very common.

You’ll still have to take care and prevent your dog from eating crayons. Just because crayons are not very dangerous doesn’t mean you can allow your dogs to eat them. Because sometimes things can get serious. If your dog swallows a large piece of a crayon or eats a ton of them, then, It can choke or block up his intestines. This can represent a serious medical emergency. So, immediately rush to your vet.

The vet will probably perform a physical examination. In case, if necessary, prescribe for scanning to figure out where the blockage is. Surgery may be required unless the blockage is pretty close to your dog’s entrance or exit. In that case, your vet may be able to use specialized tools to remove the blockage.

Symptoms of crayons choking

The most common symptoms of choking or intestinal obstruction in dogs include:

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Excessive drooling
  • Inability to defecate
  • Panic or excessive pacing
  • Obvious signs of pain
  • Laying or sitting in unusual positions
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Blood in the vomit or stool
  • Excessive gas

If these symptoms persist immediately take your pet to the nearest vet to avoid further complications.

How to Preventing Your Dog from Eating Crayons?

My dogs eat crayons how do I prevent them? Well, the smartest idea always is “prevention is better than cure”. Take steps to prevent your dogs from eating crayons, even though crayons do not harm your dogs if i.

Firstly, keep your dogs out of your kids’ rooms or playing areas. Especially, if your kids are not old enough to clean up their room. Ensure you leave nothing on the floor for your dogs to eat, crayons for instance.

Secondly, ensure you provide your dog at least one toy to chew. This is important for teething puppies, your pup may not swallow the crayons. He may just chew on them for a while before moving on to something else. Also, some dogs would like to chew when they get bored.

Finally, In case your dogs still try to eat the crayons, discuss the issue with your Vet. Because, when dogs try to eat something they shouldn’t eat, they may be suffering from a health problem.

If these efforts prove helpless, consult an animal behaviorist. Discuss ideas to figure out why your dog is eating inedible items, what if anything that you can do to curb this desire.

The bottom line is, dogs can eat a few crayons, it probably do not harm your them with serious health issues. But make sure to keep an eye on your dog and seek veterinary attention if he shows signs or symptoms.

Most importantly, the smartest way is to prevent your dog from eating inappropriate things in the future. Crayons may be quite safe, but make sure he does not eat something more dangerous next time around!

Credit: Photos by Sharon McCutcheon on unsplash.

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