Why Do Dogs Get Hiccups?

Why Do Dogs Get Hiccups?

Hiccups are very natural in dogs, It occurs more often to young puppies than to grown-up adults. To be honest it is very adorable when small puppies hiccup, they hiccup after their dinner or after they wake up in the morning.

Why do dogs get hiccups?

Just like in humans, ‘Hiccups are involuntary contractions of the diaphragm, the muscle under the lungs causes hiccups in dogs. The spasm causes the opening between the vocal cords, to close abruptly. This produces the characteristic “hic” sound’. Hiccups occur in puppies after eating or drinking too fast. when they are tired, when they are very excited, or when they’re too cold.

Hiccups may also happen when dogs are excited, stressed, tired or when they inhale an irritant. Rapid breathing during vigorous play or energetic exercises can also cause hiccups.

How common is a hiccup in dogs?

Hiccups are more common in puppies than the adult dogs, because of their high energy levels and excitement levels. Puppies tend to eat or drink too fast, or because of their high energy levels during their playtime, they are more prone to hiccups. The internal organs of the puppies are less matured compared to adult dogs, Therefore puppies have a high chance of hiccups.

How Can You Get Rid of Hiccups in dogs?

It’s an adorable scene when your puppies hiccup though it isn’t a funny thing. Hiccups mostly occur for a while and usually go away without troubling your puppy. Most cures given are similar as for humans.

But there are few things that you can try to help your hiccuping pup.

Help your dog to breathe more steadily and rhythmic. Massage your dog’s chest to relax the diaphragm. to do that, get him to lay on his back and give him a nice rub on his chest or tummy, it can help the hiccups subside. Encouraging light exercise can also help change your dog’s breathing patterns.

Drinking water can get rid of hiccups in dogs. Ensure that your dog drinks it calmly and steadily. Alternatively, you can try giving dogs something sweet or adding syrup, honey, or sugar to their water. Sometimes sweetness can help distract your dog, which can alter and hopefully relax her breathing pattern. Make sure xylitol products are not consumed which can be dangerous for dogs.

Puppies try to rush through their dinner, which can cause hiccups. Even if your adult dog is eating too fast. Slow down their dinner, try feeding him smaller portions at a time to avoid hiccups.

What if your puppies keep getting hiccups and don’t go away?

If your dog has hiccups for longer periods of time, or observe the sound of the hiccups if you find a wheezing sound. Take your dog to a vet immediately as this can be some irregularities or difficult breathing. Intractable hiccups could be a symptom of a more serious problem.

Credit: Photos by Sabastien Lavalaye on Unsplash.

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