Why Does My Dog Lick My Hair?

The dog is considered the closest creature to human beings among all the pets. It is the mutual habit of all dogs worldwide that the dog licks the hair. According to researchers and psychological experts, dogs lick the hair.

Reasons why your dog licks your wet hair?

The major blow mentioned reasons would discuss in detail to understand the dogs’ psychological reasoning of hair licking.

Pet’s Love

Among the major reason in terms of hair liking by the dog is that the dog wants to deliver love by licking my hair. It is considered the major sign by my dog to show love when my dog licks my wet hair.

I always deliver my maximum affection to my dogs, and my dog jumps over me and starts licking my hair passionately. Indeed, it is considered among the best feelings during the same time.

Like to taste or smell

Another reason my dog lick my hair is to explore myself via the sense of taste or smell. These are considered among the strongest senses in dogs. So for that reason, my dog always wants to explore me via nose or tongue.

It is also considered among the major reasons my dog licks my wet hair because it is also possible that dogs like the hair scent or the taste of my hair become favorite by the dog. It is a scientific phenomenon that mostly dogs focus upon taste or smell to know everything.

So by keeping in view, the factors mentioned earlier, it is clear that my dog likes to lick my wet hair.

Attention seeker

As mentioned earlier, the dog is the sincerest loyal and close to the humans. It is the nature of my dog to seek my attention towards him. So to seek attention, my dog licks my wet hair. Ultimately, I can respond to my dog according to the required manners.

Every time I am not focusing on my dog, my dog starts to lick my hair to deliver the maximum attention towards my dog. Hence my dog delivers the message to me as per requirement.

It happens mostly when my dog wants food or anything to play with my wet hair. During the same time, my dog starts licking my hair.

Medical consideration

Like other living beings, dogs also become ill or even face medical issues. Sometimes it is also possible that my dog licks my wet hair because of the medical consideration. I also noticed that when my dog became ill or did not feel well, my dog started licking my hair.

As soon I deliver my focus on my dog by different signs and gestures, my dog shows me the message regarding his illness, and I can understand the medical issue faced by my dog. Hence, I deliver the required medical treatment to recover my dog’s health.

Favorite place

Another reason the dog likes to lick my wet hair is that the dog considers it a favorite place. My dog likes my wet hair and always wants to lick my wet hair because my wet hair is the weakness of my dog, and my dog loves to play with my wet hair.

So for that reason, my wet hair is a favorite place where my dog love to play. So my dog always likes to play at his favorite place. That’s why my dog licks my wet hair.


Self-healing is also a very important and necessary component for the dog. Being a living creature dog always focuses on self-healing to gain inner strength according to the requirement of healing structure.

It is mostly a common observation that my dog likes to lick my wet hair because of self-healing purposes. Ultimately, I can gain inner strength as per the natural phenomenon and requirement of the living being; most of the time, to generate positive energy, my dog jumps to lick my wet hair.

Hence the circle of self-healing keeps delivering the required energy to my dog.

To make me relax

It is the dog’s nature that the mother dog licks the puppies to make them calm and relax. So that’s the reason my dog always likes to lick my wet hair when it wants to make me relax. Other than that, it is the instinct of all the dogs.

So my dog also likes to lick my wet hair to relax when I feel stressed or depressed. Whenever I am not feeling well or depressed, my dog comes close to me and starts licking my white hair.

My dog’s gesture is a sense of calm to relax and move out from the depression. However, my dog shows great love and affection towards me to make me come down and relax by licking my wet hair.

Final Thoughts

It can be clearly stated and indicated that it is the instinct of a dog that the dog love to play with wet hair. Licking the wet hair is considered the most favorite activity of the dog.

In addition to that, the factors mentioned earlier, and the elements also deliver strong and effective reasoning in licking the dog’s wet hair. The entire purpose is to understand the conceptual framework as per the psychological phenomena by the dogs.

So my dog also focuses and works upon the same psychological and conceptual framework by licking my wet hair.

Credit: Canva.

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